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Bonn – Venusberg


Bonn – Bad Godesberg


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Our philosophy

“Everyone is committed to develop his natural gifts as well as possible and to use them for the benefit of society.” Max and Mary is our contribution.

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What makes a good kindergarten? And how can parents assess whether a kindergarten is really good? Most kindergartens describe their performances and may even describe what they do with the children. But how many can explain why they do this? Max and Mary did start with a very clear vision and is powered by passion. Accordingly, the whole concept is designed to promote the natural gifts of each child in the best possible way. And that has, in our opinion, nothing to do with ambition but corresponds to the human obligation to develop the gifts and talents and use these for the benefit on society later. If you fully share this belief, you should register your child at Max and Mary.



The 4 + 1 room concept

Max and Mary has developed the 4 + 1 room concept. Every child has its specific group room where it feels at home. Additionally, there are 4 separate theme rooms available, i.e. Language and Music, Little Explorers, Sensorial and Practical Life. The children…

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visit these theme rooms regularly in smaller groups in order to give them time and again new ideas and especially, to further them individually. Of course, all thanks to our English speaking teachers.



Service out of conviction

Max and Mary cares for children as of four months of age. The kindergarten is purely English-speaking. Experience shows that all children, regardless their mother tongue, will start communicating in English within no time. We are open almost all year round between 7 am and 6 pm. Moreover,

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it is also possible to book individual days to fit your professional activity. To ensure a flawless integration of your child within our kindergarten, there is a minimum of presence. We know how difficult it is to get back to work and find the needed nursery care. Therefore, we try as far as our space capabilities are available, to make you an appropriate offer. We see ourselves as a service oriented company and will always ask ourselves first, what more is feasible to meet your needs. This includes, above all, our carefully selected staff as they stand for the educational concept of Max and Mary and the related quality of care.

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Driven by a passion

At Max and Mary however, it is not just about the number of children per caregiver and thus fulfill a distribution code. To live our vision, …

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it needs dedicated employees who share this vision and enjoy in assisting in its implementation. Time and again, and every day a new, with all their passion to discover and promote the natural talents of our children. We like to take on our team these English speakers, who in fact really have pleasure in that.



Dear Parents,

Welcome to Max and Mary.
Our kindergarten at Venusberg and Bad Godesberg offer

Care between 7 am and 6 pm

Year-round opening without long holidays

A sophisticated pedagogical concept

Effortless English language learning

As you may know from own experience

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Not enough daycare centers in Bonn

is it difficult to find a place in a kindergarten (nursery) in Bonn, which fully satisfies your needs. There are still too few places, especially for children under three years, and care concepts and opening hours rarely fit working parents. Furthermore, the financial situation of North Rhine-Westphalia and the City of Bonn does not allow for an ideal care situation in most day care centers in Bonn. And this will not change in the near future. There is also a shortage of qualified personnel.

Would you not wish all but the very best for your child? A kindergarten that gives your child just as much pleasure as it gives you? A kindergarten, which is based on your real needs? A second home?


Kindergarten according to your needs

Based on your needs, we have just realized such a kindergarten (nursery) in Bonn. Be it only for three days per week up to full day care from Monday to Friday, between 7 am and 6 pm, Max and Mary is there for you. A combination of single days with afternoons is also possible. Please talk with us about your ideal combinations. With the exception of public holidays and some in house teacher training days, you can bring your child almost all year round. You should be able to decide when you go on holiday, not your kindergarten.

Max and Mary kindergarten in Bonn offers not only loving and thoughtful care, but we are looking forward to meet childish curiosity with various offers. Through inquiry based learning, your child is encouraged according to its age and learns another language during play. Learning English according to the immersion method, i.e. to teach children in an English-speaking environment, has proven itself in many ways. Children can easily distinguish between their mother tongue and English here after a short period of time.


Individual Support

We value that our staff is highly qualified and has sufficient professional experience. Our teacher child ratio of 1:6 with the little ones and 1:8 for the older children also ensures that we can best take care of every child.

Visit our nursery in Bonn or Bad Godesberg and find out yourself. You will be amazed!

With best wishes

Cornelia Breuer